Natalie Portman: I Just Can’t Put Into Words!


For skin this luminous, clear, and soft…I would pay any price asked. Natalie Portman takes beauty lovers to the next level of heaven in the DiorSkin Star ad! I can’t recall where I have seen such perfect makeup. But it isn’t all about the makeup; Natalie Portman has fantastic skin too. You might not have skin this perfect but it might be easier to achieve this look with Dior.

But Dior is not the only trick in Portman’s bag. The new mother and actress stars in the forthcoming Jane Got A Gun. The movie centers around a woman who asks her ex-lover for help in order to save her outlaw husband from a gang out to kill him. The movie is set for a 2015 release and I personally cannot wait. But until the release of the new flick, I will settle for beauty campaigns from Natalie Portman. She is such a vision.



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