I didn’t know who Daniela de Jesus was but I do now! The Mexican model and out of this world beauty shot an editorial for Galore Magazine and the shots are too hot to handle and too cold to hold. This woman is on fire! The pics were taken by Pierre Dal Corso and Daniela de Jesus had no issue showing the photographer what she is working with. Ignorance is no longer an excuse…I’ve got my eye on this woman.

daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos01-774x1200 daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos02-774x1200 daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos03-774x1200 daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos05-774x1200 daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos06-774x1200 daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos07-774x1200 daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos08-774x1200 daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos09-774x1200 daniela-de-jesus-sexy-photos10-774x1200


Things Just Got A Lot Hotter


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