The Mad Hatter!

Mad Hatter

Who lied and said you couldn’t rock a hat? I just hate when men and women say that they don’t have the head for a hat. That is not true. The key is finding the right hat for your head shape and the right lid for your personality.

Since it is Fall I think dark toned hats are best. The right color keeps you on trend. After you choose a color, choose a style. Porkpie hats, fedoras, and felt top hats all work for this season. And don’t be scared of embellishments! Hats are perfect for embellished statements and bejeweled accents. Get the shopping details below.

Stephanie Heikila, this post is for you! I can’t wait for us to go hat shopping. XOXO, Laters!

Brooks Brothers hat

Maison Michel felt hat
$620 –

Piers Atkinson felt hat
$1,000 –



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