Gemma Ward doesn’t know the definition of a “comeback”! The top model merely took a break and the elf looking beauty is back and ready to put the other model seat fillers back in their rightful places. The top model of the early 2000’s shot for the October 12th, 2014 Australia Sunday Times and proves she has not lost a lash, flutter, or swerve. Gemma is simply stunning and proves why she reigned for so long. The model warned her fellow fashion models/competitors that she was back when she strutted down the catwalk for Prada this past season. Well if the other girls didn’t get a warning shot, here is another. Check the editorial below and get into why Gemma is model personified.

gemma-ward-2014-photoshoot01 gemma-ward-2014-photoshoot02 gemma-ward-2014-photoshoot03 gemma-ward-2014-photoshoot05 gemma-ward-2014-photoshoot06 gemma-ward-2014-photoshoot07


Don’t Call It A Comeback!


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