Philip Treacy: Get Carried Away!

Get Carried Away!
Why wear a hat when you can wear an art piece? Philip Treacy is a master magician when it comes to creating whimsical lids for the modern man and woman. His creations and options for this Fall are the inspiration for today’s post. His hats are the perfect way to grab attention and hold on to it. Just allow yourself to get carried away and have a fun over- the-top moment that will go down in your fashion diary. Happy Styling Y’all!

Roksanda Ilincic blue peplum dress
$1,750 –

Christian Louboutin spike heel pumps

By Malene Birger ring
$160 –

OC-791 OC-793 OC-794 OC-805 OC-815 OC-828
320ab10c319fe7dad1f352ccd448d694 hat Premiere: Sex And The City - Arrivals

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