Like any Millennial, I am looking ahead to what I want and need for Spring 2015. Using the word “want” is important because wanting is very different from “getting.” As a lower middle class American it’s so easy for me to aspire and desire certain high fashion brands. Purchasing these high fashion designs is another story.


Balmain Men Spring 2015 is the collection of envy for me. The looks are original and fashion forward. Every item encapsulates a story that any fashion forward man yearns to tell. Balmain gave us clothes that ranged from masculine to feminine, leather to loose, and from sporty to sophisticated.

The issue isn’t the collection or clothes. The issue is with my bank account and income bracket. Balmain has a typical price point that easily hits the $1000 mark. American households are recovering from the recession but the recovery isn’t that strong and I definitely can’t afford Balmain. Financial woes aside, the collection is pure fabulous and worthy of my Lower Middle Class Outfit Envy.

See the collection below and feel free to join me in the jealousy. XOXO

Balmain_001_1366.1366x2048 (1) Balmain_002_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_003_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_004_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_005_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_006_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_007_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_008_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_009_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_010_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_011_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_012_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_013_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_014_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_015_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_017_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_018_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_022_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_024_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_026_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_027_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_030_1366.1366x2048 Balmain_035_1366.1366x2048


Lower Middle Class Outfit Envy!


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