I’m always skeptical or critical when a posh restaurant takes old classics and add them to their menu. A lot of hip and stylish eateries try too hard to recreate old favorites and end up losing the essence of the item. I was delightfully surprised this past weekend while eating at Bourbon.

Bourbon is well known for their whiskey selection but I’m a fan of the desserts. Forever giving into the pains of my sweet tooth, I ordered banana pudding and beignets. The two don’t come together on the menu but something within me knew I had to order both.

The pudding was fabulous and thankfully traditional. I pleasantly enjoyed the caramel drizzle over the pudding. Nice touch! The beignets were hot and soft and were the perfect texture to balance the pudding. I was tempted to dunk my beignet into the pudding but I decided not to. I didn’t want to look country. It’s important to look sophisticated while eating a french dessert. Just kidding.

Bourbon has won me and my sweet tooth over with these classically delicious offerings. If you ever visit Columbia, South Carolina check them out! Sidenote…their cheese plate isn’t half bad either. XOXO





Banana Pudding and Beignets: An Unlikely Pair!


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