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Netflix and Fashion: The Hangover Remedies.


Sundays are the best part of any weekend. Brunches, afternoon naps, and magazine reading all fall into the Sunday game-plan. But if you partied too hard the night before, it’s the perfect day to recover from a hangover and reboot for the coming work week. Don’t reach for the aspirin though; reach for the remote. Netflix and fashion are the best way to beat the headaches and stomach pangs and I have the perfect playlist to make you feel better.

1. Gossip Girl


There’s nothing like watching well-dressed rich kids get into trouble as they climb the social ladder. This cult classic show may no longer air on television but thanks to Netflix you can watch it online while eating your favorite greasy foods. Nothing helps get you back to sober more than comfort food and fashionably fabulous 20-somethings.

2. Dexter


Dexter is good when you’re hungover or sober. The Showtime original series about a serial killer who kills other serial killers is so intriguing and captivating that you’ll forget all about your sorrows and the 7 drinks from last night. Just be sure to fast forward past the blood crime scenes if you have a weak stomach.

3. House of Cards


This well written political drama is fantastic. There’s no need to explain why this show is the perfect hangover cure. But if you need any more convincing…the outfits that Robin Wright wears in the show are to die for. Her character’s style screams “power” and “sophistication.”

4. Parks and Recreation


Laughter is the best medicine. This hilarious comedy will have you better in no time and ready to deal with your crazy coworkers for the week. Warning…once you start this show it’s hard to stop. 

5. Mad Men


There’s drama, cocktails, sex, 60’s fashion, and lies. The perfect recipe for recovery. Just remember that you’re in recovery mode. Almost every other scene has a actor or actress enjoying a cocktail. That is not an excuse for you to fix a drink for yourself. HAHA



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