What’s Wrong With Retouching?


Justin Bieber’s team claims that his Calvin Klein ad was not re-touched and that the quote unquote “real” image is a fake. First things first…we all know that Bieber’s behind is not that plump and he’s not that buff. I do believe the photos have been retouched but who cares? Everyone retouches their photos. Celebrities constantly perfect their imperfections in magazines, videos, and movies. They are like everyone else and they too want to put the best image out there. Regular people retouch their photos too but it isn’t called “retouching.” People use filters and image correcting all the time on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Even if you take technology out of it, people are guilty of retouching. Women wear makeup and concealer, men put lifts in their shoes, and both sexes use fashion to manipulate how others see their bodies. I am not a Bieber fan but let’s cut the kid some slack.  The ad and the “real” image are both sexy. The retouching was not grossly overdone anyway.

Let he without flaws cast the first retouch shaming stone. Trust me, if I had an underwear ad I would want the photos retouched to the high heavens. I’m certain you would too. XOXO

calvin-klein-jeans-justin-bieber-model calvin-klein-jeans-justin-bieber-model2 ck-bieber-hed-2014 jb_tile_3


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