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Are Male Models Starving for Fashion?

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Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 has all the fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and Instagram pages a buzz. The top designers of high fashion men clothing have taken over the fashion scene and it’s time for the men to shine. While the collections are great…the models…not so much so. Porcelain faces, chiseled features, and brooding eyes are all great to look at but one theme seems to be constant. Thin.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the above picture. It’s a behind the scenes shot of the Versace show posted by Seventh Man Magazine. I can visibly see three spinal cords. What’s wrong with this picture? 

But it isn’t just the models who walked for Versace. I browsed a few pics at The New York Times Style Magazine and the featured men were thin too.

18scene-jisander-slide-DK2B-jumbo 18scene-jisander-slide-XUMO-jumbo 18scene-prada-slide-0LJP-jumbo

It’s no secret that high fashion models (Men and Women) are mostly thin. Muscular or athletic models are mainly reserved for commerical work that includes: swimwear, underwear, and fitness modeling. The stakes are raised when you walk a high fashion runway but what price are these guys willing to pay?

Naturally thin…maybe. Healthy…who knows. I do know that spinal cords is one fashion trend I do not want to try. Would someone please feed the male models.

18scene-jisander-slide-O9RU-jumbo 18scene-prada-slide-K8GK-jumbo



2 thoughts on “Are Male Models Starving for Fashion?

  1. anashebarton says:

    I feel like the men in this industry are often times overlooked. Women get most of the criticism for being underweight/emaciated, but many people do not even consider that the men are also victims of the image of the “ideal” body on the runway. Thank you for shedding light on this topic.

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