I’m No New Yorker…But I Love A Good Deli!


A working class bloke like myself loves the “lunch break.” For that one hour I am able to release the shackles of work and focus my mind on things I truly love. Discovering tasty new places to eat is one of those things.

Crossings Deli in Columbia, South Carolina is one of those rare gems that you can’t help but treasure. Witty, funny, and interesting banter between coworkers at the register…interesting pseudo professionals entering and exiting…and a charming and vast menu selection makes this place a standout.

In traditional fashion, Crossings has most things that you would expect from a deli. But the standout for me was the “Greek Delight.” I did make some modifications but the wrap was mind-blowing. Instead of turkey, I requested chicken with no mayo on a spinach wrap. Delicious! Plus the kind woman who took my ordered seemed pleased when I made the sandwich my own.

Without a doubt I’ll be back and if you’re in the area I recommend Crossings Deli. It’s the perfect place for a no muss no fuss meal with the taste of a 5 star establishment. I’m hooked.




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