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A First Date on Valentine’s Day: I’m Sure I Will Screw This Up.


First dates are fabulous. You’re allowed to buy a new outfit (despite unpaid rent), annoy your friends with chit chat about a possible love match, and you get to enjoy a great meal that you don’t have to pay for. What’s not to love about the first date? I’ll tell you. A first date on Valentine’s Day. I find myself in this exact situation and maintaining my sanity is more work than any first date preparation.

I’m aware that a lot of people don’t have dates at all, so I should be thankful. But the pressure and magnitude of having a first date on a day set aside for lovers is a lot to handle. It doesn’t help if you really like the guy and want it to work. Visions of countless couples holding hands, drinking wine by candlelight, and exchanging gifts are all flooding into my mind. The drinking part is never scary but the lovey-dovey stuff is terrifying. My “first date game face” will be on but I also will have to blend in with the other lovers who are out and about at the restaurants, movies, and etc. In my mind I have to impress upon my date that I am potentially the one and I also have to convince onlookers that we are the perfect couple. That’s too much work for one person.


Juggling is a talent I lack. I can’t possibly conceive winning top marks with my date and the viewing public. Something has got to give…and I think my neurosis should be the first to go. Dates and Valentine’s Day are meant to be fun. Maybe if I focus on the spirit of the two universal milestones, I can find time to actually enjoy myself. This is easier said than done. But if this doesn’t work out and I am thrust into another first date situation…I will be sure to tell him not to schedule it on Valentine’s Day. Wish me luck!





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