A Baby Does The Body Good!

Inspired by Kelly Rowland

Theory white skirt

Aperlaï blue shoes
$965 –

Rose gold jewelry

The Row round sunglasses
$485 –


There is no way that singer Kelly Rowland had a baby four months ago. The new mother looked great last week in NYC. She was in a white skirt and striped crop top…creating a sexy nautical look. The thing that makes this look so flawless is the coat. Rowland gives us Spring with the top, skirt, and shoes. But she keeps it realistic with the coat element. So many fashionistas and celebs are going full throttle in these early days of Spring and I appreciate that Kelly Rowland throws a coat on. Everyone knows that the first few weeks of Spring still consists of cool days.

If Kelly Rowland keeps this up…having a baby might have been the best thing for her fashion sense.

I’m not a fan of completely copycatting a look. I put together a similar look with a high fashion Spring twist (above).





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