Kristen Stewart normally makes me yawn. Her laid back attitude is almost too laid back in movies, interviews, and photos. There’s something undeniable cool about this girl but would a little energy kill her? Well…God must have heard my prayers. Stewart is the campaign face for Chanel eyewear and the campaign pics are phenomenal! The Chanel team harnesses Stewart’s laid back swag and focuses it into some sort of hipster photojournalist. The hair is perfect, the expressions are dead on, and the glasses are super chic.


Kristen, is there anyway you can make this your new look or at least adopt this persona for the public? It’s just a simple request. 



kristen-stewart-chanel-eyewear-photos01 kristen-stewart-chanel-eyewear-photos02 kristen-stewart-chanel-eyewear-photos03 kristen-stewart-chanel-eyewear-photos06 kristen-stewart-chanel-eyewear-photos07


It’s About Time!


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