I’m not exactly sure what purpose this post will serve. It isn’t about fashion, it isn’t about food, and it’s more about how I’m feeling.

I’ve been going through some changes and a major change to my look will happen on May 5. Not only will my look change but this blog will change too.

I have a personal style shoot on May 6 to share my style and not just report/blog about style and fashion. The whole concept makes me nauseated and seems narcissistic. But I think it’s important to give more of myself and put it on the line. Will you like the looks? Hopefully. Will the looks be translateable to your style? That’s the goal. Will I come off as a pseudo style blogger and look like a total wannabe? Possibly. I won’t let these concerns stop me. I just hope you like my new look to come and the style posts that are to come in May. Wish me luck!





Sometimes you Just Need A Change


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