A Boy, A Burger, & A Birthday.


My 28th year on planet Earth is off to a great start. I spent yesterday with my photographer friend working on forthcoming personal style posts and we had a blast. But the highlight of the day came when he took me out for a birthday lunch. It was my first time at Bang Bang Burger and it won’t be my last.


The selection of burgers is perfect. Beef burgers with egg, some with guacamole, and others with apple compote. Yummy! I ordered the Cowboy (sharp cheddar, grilled onions, bacon, and homemade BBQ sauce). It was fantastic.


For me, Bang Bang Burger is a standout.  Their original recipes, superior choice of beef, and attention to sauce pairings makes them a front runner that out paces Five Guys, SmashBurger, and any other trendy burger joint.



Bang Bang Burger is located in Charlotte, NC. If you’re ever in the area and want the best burgers on the market…make it your business to eat there!



Jared Johnson


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