Ladies and Gentlemen It’s Time To Battle


Fashion addicts all over the world are going insane! Balmain and H&M are collaborating for a Fall 2015 line and it’s quite possibly H&M’s most exciting partnership. Balmain is known for its high fashion opulence and is worn by all the top models and celebs.While I’m super pumped to see all the looks…I’m more concerned with strategizing a plan to get my hands on the clothes. If last year’s collab with Alexander Wang is any indication of what to expect…this Balmain line will SELL OUT! But luckily I have you covered with tips on getting the goods.


1. Make A list

Precious shopping time is wasted on figuring out what to buy. Avoid this by browsing the lookbook when it is released. The lookbook will serve as your guide and help you pick out the styles you desire.

2. Find An Actual Store

Online shopping is great but collaborations like this one and mega sales are notorious for selling out. Some sites even experience slower response times due to the high web traffic. Avoid this by going to a physical location and grabbing the items you picked out. Slow websites will make you miss out to a faster online shopper.

3. There’s Strength In Numbers

Unite with your fellow friends and fashion lovers and head out early to shop together. Your comrades will keep you focus. The extra eyes and hands are important too! If you or a friend see an item the other picked from the lookbook…grab it for them. This saves more time and increases your chances of getting the perfect piece.

4. Avoid Distractions

I’m certain that each look will be a homerun. But you and I know that it’s impossible to purchase every piece. Don’t waste time admiring all the pretty things. If it’s not an item you picked out…KEEP IT MOVING! Focus on the items you picked then go back for more.


Balmain’s Fall 2015 collection was impressive. And I expect their H&M line to continue their level of excellence. See you in a few months shoppers!




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