Sushi: A Dish Best Served ALONE


A sushi lunch or dinner with friends is fabulous. Add sake to the mix and you’ve got yourself a party. But there’s something about eating sushi alone that releases my inner zen. Solo sushi allows me to focus on the quiet environment around me and really soak in the moments of peace. It’s even gotten to the point where I don’t even tell friends and coworkers I’m grabbing sushi. I’m too scared they’ll want to join. Call me selfish but peace of mind with a piece of fish is true paradise.

What’s your favorite food to eat alone? I can’t be the only one.




4 thoughts on “Sushi: A Dish Best Served ALONE

  1. i used to like to eat anything in my school canteen alone; run there before the bell rang, before my gang finished making notes so i could finish whatever i ate without having to be forced to share it with the gang. but now i just like to go out somewhere on my own to have me time. i have a local italian restaurant, full of male staff who all adore me and treat me like a princess, a witty one 😉 will take you there one day, the manager makes unique cocktails especially for me! xx

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