Model Muse: Who Is This Chick?

I stumbled upon this cool editorial for Marie Claire South Africa. I didn’t recognize the model but I loved her energy, her photos, and the styling of this shoot. Her name is Milan Dixon and how awesome is she in front of the camera? Her skin is like a chocolate dream! Enjoy the spread below and I hope to see more of this young lady soon.



Milan-Dixon-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-May-2015-Sharon-Becker-06-459x600 Milan-Dixon-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-May-2015-Sharon-Becker-01-530x530 Milan-Dixon-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-May-2015-Sharon-Becker-02-459x600 Milan-Dixon-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-May-2015-Sharon-Becker-03-459x600 Milan-Dixon-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-May-2015-Sharon-Becker-04-459x600 Milan-Dixon-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-May-2015-Sharon-Becker-05-459x600 Milan-Dixon-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-May-2015-Sharon-Becker-07-459x600 Milan-Dixon-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-May-2015-Sharon-Becker-08-459x600


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