When you’re running twenty minutes late to a lunch date with friends, don’t expect the food to be oh so fabulous. And that’s not hyperbole…I literally ran to the restaurant after I found a parking space. Meter parking in downtown Columbia is the worst.

At first I thought, “this is great!” Delayed gratification most times results in a satisfying experience (food, sex, fashion). But as life keeps reminding me, I was WRONG! Menkoi Ramen House was not all it was hyped up to be. And let’s get something clear…this is not a bad review. I like to keep it positive and light and will continue to do so. Menkoi Ramen House just disappointed me.


Menkoi is like the hot guy you see at a chic downtown restaurant. You walk over and ask “what time do you get off?” When you finally get him alone and in bed…the results are less than you expected. The food wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. When a ramen house comes to a southern capital you expect a level of authenticity, flavor, and pizzazz.

This is the first time I’ve said this on the blog but I feel like I could have jumped in the kitchen and done better. The dumplings were good though. It’s hard to fuck up dumplings I guess. And I guess I was wrong again -after reading my post- this is a bad review.



Happy eating y’all!

Jared Johnson


Menkoi Just Couldn’t Get It Up.


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