It’s bad enough that I refuse to assemble my own furniture. But I’m not doing myself any favors by adding flowers, fashion magazines, and vogue collector items to my new coffee table. At the end of the day I’m left wondering, “Is my style too gay?”

My decorating tastes are vastly different from my family and friends. I have a weakness for beauty and an affinity for chicness. Most people would regard these things as positives, but do I have too much of a good thing?

Every decorater (amateurs included) doubts the vision they have for their personal space. Add this. Subtract that. Move it this way. It’s a never ending game of chess. Is the endgame just Gay? Why can’t I opt for the traditional dark hues and masculine pieces that litter most bachelor pads. The struggle is real apparently and has no end in sight.


Yes, my furnishings and decorating choices might be regarded as flamboyant and anti-masculine. But I’m ok with that. A home should be a reflection of the inhabitant and how they wish the world to be. Are the furnishings too gay? Maybe. Is that a problem? Not at all.

Never doubt a vision and never doubt yourself. I’ve come too far to turn back now…stay tuned.


Jared Johnson

Fashion, Life

The Gay Aesthetic.


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