Today we are having our holiday luncheon at work. We were all asked to contribute and I made my famous chicken pesto pasta. I hope the work family enjoys it! Happy Friday and happy eating y’all.

Jared Johnson


Chicken Pesto Pasta


vman 2

Leave it to legendary photographer Mario Testino to challenge the public on what masculinity means. Testino has a new hardcover book with over 300 shots and some unseen photographs. The book is titled ‘Sir’ and it explores the changing view of men, sexuality, and machismo. It’s the perfect addition to any coffee table book collection and it’s definitely a conversation starter. Most people are familiar with Testino’s work in the pages of Vogue. But his works goes beyond fashion and often challenges readers on what they are actually seeing.

vman 1

These two shots already are creating a buzz. What is masculinity in 2015? I am not sure, but I bet this book will help us discover the many faces of a MAN. 




Are You Man Enough?



The Huxtable is the perfect name for Crossings Deli’s latest standout sandwich. Like the once popular NBC show, foodies will fall in love with the cast of ingredients that make the pressed sandwich so irrestible! Italian salami, pepperoni, and pastrami served with feta, Swiss, olives, and red onions topped with Italian dressing on a sub-roll unite like the Cosby family and melt in your mouth. 

At first I thought this creation would be a hot, slippery, greasy mess. Luckily, my first thought was wrong. The feta and swiss have a way of binding the meats together in unison and the fresh ingredients create a delightful symphony when hot pressed against a fresh baked sub roll. There was no slipping, sliding, or dropping of the veggies or meats. Nothing kills a good sandwich more than weak composition. The Cosby’s were America’s favorite family on TV and the Huxtable sandwich at Crossings will surely be a new favorite for customers.

The Cosby Show

But don’t limit yourself to just having this item for lunch. I wonder how the Huxtable would go over as a party appetizer or hors d’oeuvres? I can easily see myself ordering a few of the sandwiches for my next social gathering. I could cut them into bite size portions…but the sandwich is so good that it might out-shine the main course. Oh well, that was a random thought…just be sure to get to Crossings and try the Huxtable. These South Carolinians are getting it right each and every time. Happy eating y’all!




Black or Italian: Everyone Loves A Huxtable!



Fab fur coats…animal prints…leather…skinny pants…and dark tones. I am down. The Roberto Cavalli Fall 2015 Men’s Collection is a must have! I want every single look. What do you think?

roberto-cavalli-001 roberto-cavalli-002 roberto-cavalli-003 roberto-cavalli-004 roberto-cavalli-005 roberto-cavalli-006 roberto-cavalli-007 roberto-cavalli-008 roberto-cavalli-009 roberto-cavalli-010 roberto-cavalli-011 roberto-cavalli-012 roberto-cavalli-013 roberto-cavalli-014 roberto-cavalli-015 roberto-cavalli-016 roberto-cavalli-017 roberto-cavalli-018 roberto-cavalli-019 roberto-cavalli-020 roberto-cavalli-021 roberto-cavalli-022 roberto-cavalli-023 roberto-cavalli-024 roberto-cavalli-025 roberto-cavalli-026 roberto-cavalli-027 roberto-cavalli-028 roberto-cavalli-029 roberto-cavalli-030 roberto-cavalli-031 roberto-cavalli-032 roberto-cavalli-033 roberto-cavalli-034 roberto-cavalli-035 roberto-cavalli-036 roberto-cavalli-037 roberto-cavalli-038


Roberto Cavalli Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Fashion, Food

Are Male Models Starving for Fashion?

photo (2)

Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 has all the fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and Instagram pages a buzz. The top designers of high fashion men clothing have taken over the fashion scene and it’s time for the men to shine. While the collections are great…the models…not so much so. Porcelain faces, chiseled features, and brooding eyes are all great to look at but one theme seems to be constant. Thin.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the above picture. It’s a behind the scenes shot of the Versace show posted by Seventh Man Magazine. I can visibly see three spinal cords. What’s wrong with this picture? 

But it isn’t just the models who walked for Versace. I browsed a few pics at The New York Times Style Magazine and the featured men were thin too.

18scene-jisander-slide-DK2B-jumbo 18scene-jisander-slide-XUMO-jumbo 18scene-prada-slide-0LJP-jumbo

It’s no secret that high fashion models (Men and Women) are mostly thin. Muscular or athletic models are mainly reserved for commerical work that includes: swimwear, underwear, and fitness modeling. The stakes are raised when you walk a high fashion runway but what price are these guys willing to pay?

Naturally thin…maybe. Healthy…who knows. I do know that spinal cords is one fashion trend I do not want to try. Would someone please feed the male models.

18scene-jisander-slide-O9RU-jumbo 18scene-prada-slide-K8GK-jumbo




A balsamic drizzle makes everything better. Seriously.


Oh Shit…I Feel Fancy!


Deliciously Sinful: Mondays With Marni!

Deliciously Sinful: Mondays With Marni!

If the devil lies in the details then Satan must be the creative director for Marni. The label is the go to for embellishment or dramatic detailing and this alpaca wool midi skirt is taking me to another level. The feather details take a plain wool skirt to high fashion heights. The degradation of color and feather texture from top to bottom and bottom to top is deliciously sinful. But the label is not a one hit wonder. They constantly dazzle and shock with the details. Below are some of the other fabulous pieces from the fall 2014 collection. Look below and you’ll agree the devil is in the Marni!

Closed shirts top
$200 –

Marni skirt

Marni real leather handbag
$1,740 –

Marni-Fall-2014 (1) Marni-Fall-2014 (2) Marni-Fall-2014gemma-ward-2014-photoshoot07Marni-Fall-2014-Runway-Show-Milan-Fashion-Week